To get in contact with the committees or to learn more, please fill out the form linked here.

Welcome Committee

Welcome Chair: Gena Dowell
The Welcome committee welcomes all new owners to the Ventana Community. 

Social Committee

Chair: Lisa Muehe
The Social Committee is responsible for supporting the lifestyle program at Ventana through social events.

Sunshine Committee

Chair: Stephanie Bergsma
The Sunshine Committee is responsible for focusing on "Neighbors helping Neighbors." 
The Ventana Sunshine Committee loves to lend a helping hand to make life a little easier when a change of life happens.  When a baby is born, someone has surgery, someone passes away or you have a need for support or encouragement, the Sunshine Committee is here to help.
Please reach out and let us know. Email us. We desire to spread some sunshine to our community.

Flag Committee

The Flag Committee is responsible for fostering a cohesive community by promoting the display of American and Armed Force flags along the main roads throughout the community and providing education on the proper ways to display, handle, and retire flags.

Landscape Committee

Chair: Charlene Henry
Functions of the Landscape Committee:

The Landscape Committee serves as judges for the popular summer and holiday Yard of the Month competitions and acts as a second set of ‘eyes’ for the community. The committee also advises management of landscaping needs, such as repairs, broken sprinkler heads, etc.
Yard of the Month Winners
The Landscape Committee would like to congratulate the winners and thank all homeowners working hard to keep our neighborhood looking beautiful!

Safety Committee

Although we are in a neighborhood, we are still in a rural area. There is wildlife all around us. Deer, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, and rabbits are everywhere and can carry many diseases, including rabies. If you spot any wild animal, please leave it alone and if you feel you are in danger, call animal control or the Sheriff, DO NOT try to capture it. We also have had many venomous spiders in our area, including Brown recluses and Black Widows. Just make sure the kids know not to touch or play with spiders. We also have many good spiders that eat bugs, so take some time to learn the differences and not squish the good ones.
Park your vehicles in your garage or driveway, keep valuables out of view, and lock the doors. Keep garage doors CLOSED. People can easily steal things from your garage or enter your home, which could be dangerous.
Meeting your neighbors, exchanging numbers, and keeping them on your cell phone is a good idea. This way, you will have their number readily available if you are away from home and need to contact a neighbor to look out for your house.